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AMPs has all of the tools to make cost effective content that will keep your message fresh and lively. You are our priority.

The AMPs team is your team. When we are working for you, our communications, media and development experts help you achieve your goals. See a full list of our services here.

Advertising comes from two Latin words: ad (toward) verum (the truth). To us, advertising is the vigorous pursuit of accurately telling your story to others.

“Advertising Media Plus helped us film our donors who were chosen as philanthropist of the year. The videos that were taken of our donors were done with such care, patience and professionalism. Your team made our donors feel comfortable. I truly look forward to another opportunity to work with you and your team.”

Allyson Lestner
Vice President, Director of Development
Community Foundation of
Howard County

“Working with AMPs was great! Our time at their office was efficient and quick. Line of Sight was looking to produce a short video as a way of introducing Line of Sight to potential clients.We are thrilled with the video. We have gotten a lot of great comments on the video from folks who have checked out our website, and this was a fun team building exercise for us as a group.”

Margaret Weinstein

“Last last year, the Howard County Chamber had the opportunity to work on a video with Advertising Media Plus and I have to tell you, it was a great experience. We found the group to be professional, we found them to really value our time and we also found them to listen.

We found them to be really attentive to our needs and focused on giving us a product that we could use, that would meet our standards and that would help us tell our story.”

Leonardo McClarty
Howard County Chamber of Commerce